2 Quick Tips to Wrap Long Texts in Excel Cells so that All Contents are Visible

The interface of Excel is very neat and clean mainly due to its cells in the sheet. But sometimes the text in a cell will mess up because of long contents. Therefore, we will now introduce two different ways to wrap long texts so that all contents are visible.

In an Excel, except for entering data, you will certainly input some other information, such as some explanations. Most of the time, you will find that the default size of the cell is not large enough to show all the text. Besides, the content will be out of sight because of other cells.Content out of Sight

In this image, there are two information contents in two different cells. However, you cannot see the whole content in the first cell. And in the second cell, the content almost takes up two cells. But actually it is in one cell. Thus, the appearance is very messy. To solve this problem, here are two methods.

1.      Use the Wrap Text Feature in Excel

  1. Select the cells that contain the contents that you want to wrap it.
  2. Click the button “Wrap Text” on the ribbon.Click Wrap Text

And then the text will automatically wrap. This feature will not change the width of the cell, but it will change the height. This is because the feature will wrap text according to the width of the cell.Text Wrap

Therefore, if your need to keep a certain width of cells and also show the whole contents, you can use this method. But you can also adjust the width manually. And if the width is large enough, the text will not wrap.

2.      Use the Shortcut key

  1. Click the target cell and put the cursor on the position where you want to change the line.Place the Cursor
  2. Press the shortcut key “Alt + Enter”. And then the text will also wrap.The Text also Wrap
  3. And then you can click the other cell and wrap it.

You can also adjust the width of the cells. But this time, even of the width of the cell is very large, the text will still wrap. So if you choose this method, you can decide from where the contents need to wrap.Still Wrap

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