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How to Customize the Borders for Specific Ranges in Your Excel Worksheet

You can customize borders for specific ranges in Excel. And here we will introduce this feature in detail. Sometimes you need to use special borders for a certain range to make it different from other ranges. For example, in this worksheet, you need to add borders for the first row because it contains the column headers. Add Borders In this part, we will show you the steps to add borders. Select the target area. Next click the small arrow next to the button “Border”. ...

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How to Quickly Insert and Delete Line Breaks in Batch in Excel Cells

Now you can quickly insert line breaks in batch by using the shortcut keys and the find and replace feature. In our previous article 2 Quick Tips to Wrap Long Texts in Excel Cells so that All Contents are Visible, we have introduced two methods to wrap long text in Excel cells. Actually, if you use the “Ctrl + Enter”, you are also adding line breaks into cells. But you can only add for a cell each time. Here we will talk about insert and delete line breaks in batch. Insert Line...

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Sparkline – Mini Chart to Show Data Trends in Your Excel Worksheet

Chart in Excel will occupy a large area in Excel interface. Hence, you can use a tiny chart called sparkline to reflect the tendency of data instead. You can create a sparkline in a cell, and this graphic will not take up a large area in the interface. For example, now you need to display the tendency of the sales volume, you can use the sparkline in this worksheet. Add a Sparkline Click a cell where you want to put the sparkline. Next click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon. ...

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