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How to Write Protect Specific Cells or Formulas in Your Worksheet

It is natural that all of us want to protect cells with important values. In this article, we will explore the feature of cells protection in Excel. The cells protection in Excel will take effect when the worksheet is protected. You can lock a cell or hide a cell to protect it. But the different options will take different effects, which depends on whether the value in a cell is an ordinary content or a formula. Therefore, in the following sentences, we will find how the cells protection...

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4 Effective Methods to Zoom Your Excel Worksheet

The necessity to zoom Excel worksheet will come out at any time. Here we will introduce 4 effective methods to zoom Excel worksheet. Sometimes you will zoom in an Excel worksheet to arrange its interface. And sometimes you will zoom out the worksheet to check certain values. Now we have 4 methods to fulfill this task. Method 1: Use IntelliMouse When you scroll the wheel of mouse, the worksheet will move upwards or move downwards. But here you can use the wheel to zoom the worksheet. ...

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2 Quick Methods to Create an Attractive Comment with Custom Shape in Excel

If you are bored with the default comment shape, you can also change it according to your own preference. The default shape of comment is the same as the image below shows. But today, you can also change the shape. There are two different methods to change the comment shape. But actually you will use two different objects in Excel. Let’s see how the two different methods work and find out their difference. Method 1: Make the Shape Serve as Comment Shape is a very common feature in...

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