How to Present Your Data in an Excel Bubble Chart

You cannot create a column chart or line chart with three data series in an Excel worksheet. Thus, the bubble chart can be your first choice.

The major difference of bubble chart is that the bubble itself also represents a set of data. Therefore, in such a chart, it actually contains three data series. And the following will introduce how to create such a chart.

Create a Bubble Chart

In this worksheet, there are three data series about the sales volume. And now you can create a bubble chart for this worksheet.An Example for Bubble Chart

  1. Select the target area.
  2. Click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon.
  3. And then click the button “Other Charts”.
  4. In the drop-down menu, click option of bubble chart. If you want a better effect, you can also choose the one with 3-D effect.Create a Bubble Chart

Now you will see a chart with only one bubble.A Chart With One Buble

Therefore, further steps are required.

  1. After you create the chart, you will see the “Chart tool” options in the toolbar. And here click the button “Select Data”.Select Data
  2. Now in the “Select Data Source” window, click the button “Edit”.Edit
  3. And then input the corresponding contents into the text boxes in the “Edit Series” window. For the series name, you can direct input a name into it. Or you can also choose in the worksheet. The values of axis and the bubble size are all related with the data in the worksheet. You can also switch them according to your need.Edit Series
  4. After that, click “OK”.
  5. Now you come back to the “Select Data Source” window. Here delete the series “DataNumen Word Repair”. In your worksheet, you need to delete according to the actual setting.Remove Series
  6. And then click “OK”. Now in the chart, there are three bubbles.Three Bubbles

Adjust Bubble Chart

In this bubble chart, the two bubbles connect together, which is not so clear. Therefore, you can also modify the chart.

  1. Right click the X axis in the chart.
  2. In the menu, choose the option “Format Axis”.Format Axis
  3. In the “Format Axis” window, change the minimum and maximum number according to the “Sales Quantity” value. You can also make adjustment according to your actual data.Axis Options
  4. And then close the window. And now you will find that the bubbles are all separate at their own places. This interface is much better that the former one.

The Finished Bubble Chart

Change the Bubble’s Color

The default color of each bubble is the same. If you want to make each bubble has the different color, you can also set manually.

  1. Click the certain bubble that you want to change the color. Now you will see that actually all the bubbles in the chart are selected.
  2. Now click the chart again. Thus, only the target bubble is selected. And be careful that don’t double click the bubble. Otherwise the window of “Format Data Series” will pop up.
  3. Now click the “Format” tab in the ribbon under the “Chart Tools”.
  4. And then click the button “Shape Fill” in the toolbar.Change Bubble Color
  5. In the drop-down menu, choose a color for the bubble.
  6. And now repeat the steps and change color for other bubbles. In the image below, we have also change the color in the chart.

Bubble with New Color

Identify Different Bubbles

In the chart, even if you set the different color, you still don’t know which product is the corresponding data of the bubble. The legend in the chart only shows the sales quantity of each product. Thus, you need to add labels in the chart.

  1. Delete the legend in the chart.
  2. Right click any of a bubble.
  3. And then choose the option “Add Data Labels”. Thus, the data labels will appear in the chart.Add Data Labels
  4. Now click a label that you want to modify. Here all the labels will be selected.
  5. In this step, click the label again. Thus, only the target label will be selected.
  6. Now you can change the number into the product.Change Data Label
  7. Repeat the above steps and change all the other labels in the chart.The New Chart

After all the steps below, now you have created a perfect bubble chart. And you will not be confused about the corresponding products.

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