2 Steps to Extract & Print All Recurrences of an Outlook Appointment

As you know, Outlook doesn’t support export filters. So if you have multiple items in Outlook calendar, how can you extract and print out all recurrences of an appointment? This article will teach you to achieve it by 2 simple steps.

I have created lots of items in Outlook Calendar, including irregular meetings, occasional appointments as well as one recurring appointment scheduled on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Now I hope to extract and print the appointment series only, such that I can check what date is the concrete Wednesday in every month and don’t miss any of them. However, I know that Outlook doesn’t uphold export filters. I have to consider other approaches. Here are my solutions.

Step 1: Export All Outlook Appointments to Excel

  1. At the outset, in Outlook Calendar pane, switch to “View” tab and click on “Change View” button. From the popup list, select “List” option.
  2. Then from the appointment list, find the recurring appointment and assign a category to it.Assign a category to the recurring appointment
  3. After that, go to “File” > “Open” > “Import”.
  4. A new ‘Import and Export Wizard” dialog box will show up, in which select “Export to a File” and click “Next”.
  5. In the subsequent screen of “Export to a File”, choose “Microsoft Excel 97 – 2003” and hit “Next”.Export to Excel
  6. In the latter interface, select the source Calendar folder and click “Next”.
  7. Next you should specify “save exported file as”. Take the following steps:
  • Firstly, click “Browse” button.
  • And then select the saving destination, such as “Desktop”.
  • Next name the exported file, such as “Recurring Appointment”.
  • Lastly click “OK”.Save Exported File to
  1. Later click “OK” > “Finish” button. You will be required to set date range. You can specify it as per your printing needs.Set the Date Range
  2. After you click “OK” button, the export progress will begin. Eventually you will get an exported Excel file in the destination folder.Get the Exported Excel File

Step 2: Filter to Show All Recurrences of an Appointment Only

  1. Now you should double click the exported file to open it in Excel app.
  2. Then you can remove the undesired columns as per your needs.
  3. After that, you should click on “Sort & Filter” button under “Home” tab. From the drop down list, select “Filter”.Enable Filter in Excel
  4. Next click “Categories” header. From the drop down list, disable “(Select All)” to uncheck all the checkboxes. Then only select the preset category in Step 1.Filter by the Category
  5. Later click “OK” to enable the filter by category.
  6. Now only the appointment series in one recurrence are shown in the file. You can print the current page as usual. Just go to “File” menu and “Print” tab. Finally select the printer and click “Print” button.

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  1. Thanks for info. I could use your help please on a related issue. I have noticed that I have a number of birthday items listed in my calendar and some of them the recurrence column is empty. Of course I could make recurrence manually for each individual one. But that is very time consuming. Can you offer an automated way of doing this for multiple items. Thank you

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