3 Ways to Go to the Last Edit Location in Your Word Document

In this article, we shall present you 3 easy ways to go to the last edit location in your Word document.

From time to time, you are very likely to work with a long Word document. Under such circumstances, you may find it difficult to fulfill the mission once for all. Actually it’s quite reasonable to finish the job in several times. However, it can be frustrating for some of you to find the exact last editing place. Therefore, in the text below, we will present you three simple methods to tackle this issue. Just read on to view the details.

Method 1: Use Combination Keys

This is perhaps the quickest way to carry out the work. First you open up your Word document; second, simply press “Shift+ F5”. Then you shall be able to see the cursor at the last editing place.

Though this trick seems so operable, you have to remember the combination keys first. Otherwise, it is nothing at all. That’s why we will continue the second and third way to realize the goal.

Method 2: Insert a Bookmark

In order to use this way, you have to do some work before you exit the Word each time.

  1. Firstly, click “Insert” on the “Menu Bar”.
  2. Then, click “Bookmark” in “Links” group.  Click "Insert" ->Choose "Bookmark"
  3. Now the screen will greet you with a “Bookmark” dialog box. Just type a bookmark name in the text box, such as below:
  4. Then, click “Add”. By now, you have inserted a bookmark, so you can just exit the Word.Type a Bookmark Name ->Click "Add"
  5. Next time you want to continue editing this Word document, just double click to open up it.
  6. Again, click “Insert”.
  7. And click “Bookmark”, too.
  8. Now the “Bookmark” dialog box will pop up. Choose the bookmark name you use last time.
  9. Click the “Go to” button on the right side. Then you can find the precise position when you last stop.Choose the Bookmark ->Click "Go to" Button

Method 3: Use the “Find” Feature

  1. Similarly, when you finish editing once, you need to remember the last word or words around the place before you exit the Word. For example, we here will choose the word “mark” as a sample.An Example of Last Editing Place
  2. Next time, you open the document first.
  3. Then click “Find” in “Editing” group. Or you can press “Ctrl+ F”. Both operations will enable you to open the “Navigation Pane”.
  4. Now type the word you remember in the search box. Here we should type the word “mark’.
  5. And you can see there are three matches. Click the right one. Here we choose the first one.Type the Word You Remember in the Search Box ->Click the Right Match
  6. So you notice the document jumps to the position where you edited last time.Click the Right Match

However, there remains one problem. You probably have notice there are several matches when you use “Find” feature. For this reason, you can type or insert a special symbol in the position you stop, such as below:Insert a Symbol Such as  Below

So when you use the “Find” feature to locate the position next time, you will quickly find it.Only One Match Found

Remember to Back up Word Files

Understanding the above three tips, you will no longer have the problem of lost in a long document without knowing the place where you stop last time. However, as far as a long document is concerned, it would be wise to take a backup of it. With a backup at hand, you can always turn to the latest version if the word repair fails to satisfy you.

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