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4 Basic Usages of IF function in Excel

IF function is a widely used function in Excel formulas. In this article, we will discuss about its basic usage. IF function will judge the values that you give and return the corresponding result. Although the basic usage is very simple, you can still fulfill many complex tasks through the combination of IF function and other functions. 1.The Basic Usage Here you can know the original usage of the IF function. In this image, you can see the sales volume of a sales...

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How to Create a 3-D Cylinder Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

3-D effect is more intuitive. And here you can also create the cylinder chart with the 3-D effect in worksheet. The steps to create a 3-D cylinder chart in Excel are very simple. But you also need further settings to make the effect better. Create a 3-D Cylinder Chart Now we will create a 3-D cylinder chart for the data in the worksheet. Select the target area in the worksheet. Next click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon. And then click the button “Column”. In the...

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How to Prevent Excel from Auto Calculating and Updating Data in Your Workbook?

Sometimes you will see the information that asks you whether you want to save the changes or not. But actually you make no change to the file. Why does this information still appear? If you make some modifications to an Excel file and then close it without saving, it will ask you whether you want to save the changes. It is indeed a very good feature that can avoid data loss to certain degree. However, when you open another workbook and check certain values instead of changing it, you will...

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