How to Merge Cell Styles from Other Excel Workbooks

The cell styles can help us identify data and information better. And in this article, we will discuss about how to use customized cell styles that created and stores in other workbooks by merging styles.

In our previous article How to Customize and Use Your Own Cell Styles in Excel, we have introduced about customizing and saving cell styles. However, you may find that if you open another workbook and want to use a certain style, you cannot find it. That is because the style that you save can only be found in the original workbook. Instead of creating the style again, you can also follow the steps below to merge styles and apply the cell style in another workbook.

Merge Styles

  1. Open the two workbooks. One is the workbook that contains the certain cell style, and we call it Book1 in the following steps. And the other is the workbook where you want to apply the cell style, we will call it Book2.
  2. In Book2, click the button “Cell Style” in the ribbon.
  3. And then in the drop-down menu, click the button “Merge Styles”.Merge Styles
  4. In the “Merge Styles” window, choose the target workbook that contains the cell style. Here because we only open 2 workbooks, so there will be only one option in the window. In your actual situation, you may choose your target workbook.
  5. After you choose the workbook, the button “OK” will be valid. Thus, click the button”.Choose Workbook

Thus, the cell style in Book1 can also be used in Book2.

Besides, if there are a lot of cell styles in Book1, all of them will appear in Book2.

Cell Style in Book2

Merge Styles with Same Name

There is such a condition that both of the two workbooks contain cells styles with the same name. When you click “OK” in “Merge Styles” window in step 5 of the previous part, you will see this window like the image show below:Information Window

If you don’t need the style in Book2, you can just go on and click “Yes”. Thus, the cell style of Book2 will be overwritten. However, if you want to keep the style in Book2, you need to click “No” or “Cancel”. And then modify the name of the cell style. You can change the name either in Book1 or in Book2, as long as they do not conflict. After this modification, you can continue the process.

Save Your Customized Cell Styles in an Excel Crash

When you meet with an Excel crash, there is a great chance that the customized settings in Excel will disappear. Among them, the customized cell styles cannot survive, either. Hence, you can use the forceful Excel repair tool to save your settings. You can trust this software because it uses the most advanced methods to repair Excel.

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