How to Customize and Use Your Own Cell Styles in Excel

Excel enables users to modify the default settings according to actual needs. Thus, in this article, we will discuss about the cell styles in Excel.

In an Excel worksheet, the cell styles sometimes can represent special meanings. For example, you will use the color grey to indicate that this cell is the first cell of an area. And the format will be applied according to your own habit and preference. What’s more, in Excel, there are already some predefined cell styles for you to choose. You can click the button “Cell Styles” in the ribbon and the choose one.Click Cell Styles

However, you can also customize your own cell style.

Customize Cell Style

The cell style contains many different aspects. And the major aspects are font, border and fill. For example, in the image, you can see that the text in the first cell is the collection name of the other cells.An Example for Cell Style

And in order to show the difference, you can change the cell style. Therefore, the following are the steps that you can do to this cell.

  1. Right click the target cell.
  2. And then in the new menu, click the option “Format Cell”.Format Cell
  3. Now in the new window, click the tab “Font”. And in this window, you can set the different style of the cell.
  4. Next click the “Border” tab. Here you can also set the border style according to our need. In fact, you will sometimes set the border for the whole area with text.
  5. And then it comes to the fill. The choice of color depends on your need and preference.Set Cell Style
  6. And then after all the settings, click the button “OK”. And you can see that the style of the target cell change.New Cell Style

Besides, you can also set special style to other important cells. In addition, you can also make those settings in the ribbon.

Change in the Ribbon

Save Cell Styles

If you want to apply this cell style the next time, you can also save this special format.

  1. Click the cell with the special style that you have set.
  2. Next click the button “Cell Styles” in the ribbon.
  3. And then click “New Cell Style”.New Cell Style
  4. In the new window, input the name into the text box. And here you can still adjust the style before you save it. You can check or uncheck certain options in this window.Save Style
  5. And then click “OK”. Thus, the custom cell style will be saved under the “Cell Style”. You can use it whenever you need.

Cell Styles will be Damaged in Excel Corruption

Even if you have saved your cell styles, you will still lose it in a data disaster. In order to retrieve it, you can use a third party tool to recover Excel. Any Excel error can be solved easily.

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