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How to Use Office Clipboard to Copy & Paste Multiple Items in Batch

Copy and paste is the most frequently used feature in our daily life. Here we will introduce Office clipboard which will improve our performance when working with Office applications such as Excel. Windows Clipboard and Office Clipboard Windows clipboard Normally when you press the shortcut key “Ctrl +C”, the content will be stored in the Windows clipboard. And then you can paste the content into other places for unlimited times. When you copy another value, the former content will...

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How to Send Similar Emails to Multiple Contacts in Bulk via Excel and Word

Sometimes you need to send  similar emails to multiple contacts saved in Excel. You can use the following method to finish this task. Suppose you need to send the information of bonus to different sales representative. In this worksheet, all the emails of the sales representative are listed in column C. If you send those emails one by one, it is really unimaginable. Therefore, you can follow the steps below to send emails in bulk. Send Emails in Bulk In this method, you need to use...

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2 Methods to Undo Changes in Specific Excel Worksheets Only

Sometimes you don’t want to save the changes in certain worksheets. Now we have a quick method to undo changes in specific worksheets. Suppose you have made several changes in different worksheets. In the image below, you can see that there are many worksheets in this file. And you change the contents in all the sheets by the order. However, you find that the changes sheet “DataNumen Sales Volume” and sheet DataNumen Access Repair” is unnecessary. If you use the “Undo” feature...

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