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3 Methods to Quickly Add Senders to Your Outlook Contacts

Sometimes, you may need to add senders to your Outlook contacts. In fact, there are several methods that can accomplish it. This article will introduce 3 of them in detail. For some reasons, you may be required to add the email senders to your Outlook contacts. In reality, you can achieve this via multiple approaches. But here we will tell you 3 means elaborately. Depending on how many the emails, whose senders you intend to add, you can choose the best one from the followings. Method 1:...

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How to Find Missing Items in a Column with Consecutive Numbers in Excel Worksheet

When you are working on an Excel file, it is unavoidable to lose some data and information. In this article, we will show you 3 methods to find the missing items in a column with consecutive numbers. Usually in your Excel worksheet, there will be a column with consecutive numbers. However, some reasons will cause some data to be lost, such as copying and pasting, or you forget to collect a sales representative’s information. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check the worksheet in...

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5 Helpful Tips for Table of Contents in Your Word Document

In the following article, there are 5 tips which could be useful for you while dealing with table of contents in your Word document. To create a table of contents can make our Word document look organized. Meanwhile, it’s like a document map, telling people what and where the contents are. Honestly, inserting a table of contents is relatively easy, but the tricky things always lie at places where you barely aware of. Therefore, we list 5 possible problems you may run into in the future,...

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