How to Update RSS Feeds in Outlook Manually Instead of Automatically

RSS Feeds will also update automatically when you click Send/Receive button. If there are multiple RSS Feeds, they will slow down the whole Send/Receive process. This article will talk about how to separate RSS Feeds from common emails and have it update manually instead of automatically.

I have subscribed several newsletters via RSS Feeds in Outlook. To be honest, I considerably appreciate it, due to the fact that I can check all the subscribed news only in Outlook without needs to access the multiple websites. However, recently, with increasing Feeds added, a strange phenomenon occurred to Outlook. It always took double times than before to receive or send emails. After researches, I found that the RSS Feeds is to blame. Finally I discovered the following method.

Prevent RSS Feeds from Updating Automatically

  1. For a start, launch Outlook and switch to “Send/Receive” ribbon.
  2. Then click “Send/Receive Groups” button and select “Define Send/Receive Groups” from its dropdown list.Define SendReceive Groups
  3. Next in the new dialog box of ““Send/Receive Groups”, click “Edit” button.
  4. Later in another popup dialog, pitch on the “RSS” icon on the left side, and then select the target RSS Feeds on the right side. And deselect the option at the top, namely “Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group”. Prevent RSS Feeds from Updating Automatically
  5. Finally click a series of “OK” to back to Outlook.

Customize a Specific Send/Receive Group for RSS Feeds

  1. To begin with, head to the dialog box of “Send/Receive Groups”, in which click “New” button to create a new one and specify a name to it, such as RSS Feeds.Create a New SendReceive Group of RSS Feeds
  2. When you finish naming and click “OK”, it will turn to “Send/Receive Settings – RSS Feeds” window, in which you should deselect the other accounts except RSS.
  3. Under “RSS” tab, select the target RSS Feeds and activate the option, namely “Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group”. And click “OK”.
  4. Next you should select the “RSS Feeds” group and turn to the further settings. Disable all the settings options.Disable All Setting Options of RSS Feeds Group
  5. Finally click “OK” to save the group and back to Outlook.

When completing the above two primary steps, RSS won’t update automatically any more. When you want to update it, click “Send/Receive Groups” button and select “RSS Feeds” group from its dropdown list to update it manually.Update RSS Feeds Manually

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