3 Ways to Help You Navigate Word Documents Faster

For large Word documents, we may want to locate a specific part of the document quickly without scrolling through it. In this article, we will introduce 3 ways to move to certain section in your Word quickly.

Have you ever been working on a large Word document, and you want to move to a specific part of it quickly? It is indeed troublesome to scroll through large blocks of text to locate it. However, you can refer to the following 3 method to quickly locate a specific page, heading or section in long documents.

Method 1: Jump to a Specific Page

By using the “Go To” command, Word allows you to quickly move your cursor to any page you want in your document. To make use of this feature, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click “Page: 17 of 17” at the bottom of your Word pages. Or you can also Press “F5” on your keyboard.Click “Page: 17 of 17”
  2. Word will then display the “Go To” tab of the “Find and Replace” dialogue box. On the left side of the dialogue box, make sure you select “Page” under “Go to what” option. Under “Enter page number” box, input the page number to which you want to move. Finally, click “Go To”.Input the page number

Method 2: Move to a Heading via Navigation Pane

If you have applied heading styles to the headings in your document, you can take advantage of “Navigation Pane” to get to the target chapter.

  1. Go to “View” page, click on “Navigation Pane” checkbox.Click on “Navigation Pane” checkbox
  1. The headings will appear in the Navigation pane on the left side of your pages. To move to the headings you want, just click that heading in the Navigation pane.The headings will appear in the Navigation pane

Method 3: Add Bookmark to Locate a Section in Your Word

Rather than scrolling down the pages to locate certain section of your document, you can get to it quickly by using a Bookmark in your Word.

  1. Place your cursor where you want to add a bookmark.
  2. Under “Insert” page, click “Bookmark” in the “Links” section. Or you also can press “Ctrl + Shift + F5” to open it. Click “Bookmark”
  1. A Bookmark dialogue comes up where you can type a name in the “Bookmark name” box. And then click “Add”.Type a name in the “Bookmark name” box
  1. So next time you want to get to the bookmark you made, just click “Bookmark” again or press “Ctrl + Shift + F5” to open dialogue. Then, you can select which bookmark you want to move to, and click “Go To”.Click “Bookmark” again

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