5 Simple Ways to Change Font Size in Your Word

Changing font size is a basic operation in Word. In this article, we summarized 5 simple ways to change font size in your Word that applies to different situations.

As of today, almost all of the Word users know how to adjust the font size in a document. However, we still have much to explore as regards setting font sizes. The following 5 methods will provide you with different ways to change font sizes.

Method 1: Select Your Font Size

The most commonly used method is to select a font size in the “Home” menu. However, the limit is that there are only limited size options, and you will only be able to choose from one of the installed fonts.

  1. First, elect the text that you want to change font size.
  2. On the “Home” tab, click the down arrow for the font in the “Font” section. Scroll down the list, you can select each of the installed fonts on your computer.Click the down arrow

Method 2: Enter a Specific Font Size

You can also specify a font size on the “Home” menu, if you need to apply a font size that is not included in the font size drop-down list, such as “30”. In addition, provided you need large font sizes above “72”, which is the upper limit in the font size list, you can adopt this method.

  1. First, select the text that you want to change font size.
  2. On the “Home” tab, click the box for the font in the “Font” section, where you can input the font size you desire and simply press “Enter” to change font size.Input the font size you desire

Method 3: Change Font Size via Shortcut Keys

We all know Word has many useful shortcut keys such as “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + V”. Less well known are the shortcut keys to change the point size of a text selection. In this section, we will introduce a way to change font sizes by 10 points with your keyboard.

Select the texts and press one of the following combination keys:

  1. To make the texts larger, press “Ctrl + Shift + >”.
  2. To make the texts smaller, press “Ctrl + Shift + <”.

Method 4: Adjust Font Size Precisely

Alternatively, you can also use another shortcut key to change the point size of texts. The difference is that you can control the point size more precisely, since it will change font sizes by 1 point every time you press the shortcut keys.

Select the texts and select one of the following combination keys:

  1. To make the texts larger, press “Ctrl + ]”.
  2. To make the texts smaller, press “Ctrl + [”.

Method 5: Set Default Font in Word

If you want to use the font settings that you desire every time you open a new document, you can set is as default font. That way, your selected font will apply to all the new documents

  1. Under “Home” tab, click the “Font” Dialog Box Launcher.Click the “Font” Dialog Box Launcher
  1. A “Font” dialog comes up, you can select the options that you desire, such as font style and font size, and then click “Set As Default”. Select the options that you desire

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