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5 Helpful Tips for Table of Contents in Your Word Document

In the following article, there are 5 tips which could be useful for you while dealing with table of contents in your Word document. To create a table of contents can make our Word document look organized. Meanwhile, it’s like a document map, telling people what and where the contents are. Honestly, inserting a table of contents is relatively easy, but the tricky things always lie at places where you barely aware of. Therefore, we list 5 possible problems you may run into in the future,...

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How to Auto Move the Emails with Specific CC Recipients in Outlook

In reality, most of you may hope to create an Outlook rule to auto move the emails with specific CC recipients. But Outlook rule doesn’t support checking CC recipients. So this article will teach you how to realize it with Outlook VBA. Obviously, it is impossible for you to create an Outlook rule to search specific CC recipients. As shown in the following screenshot, for received emails, you can only check if your own name is in the CC box. Similarly, for sent emails, even there is no...

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