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How to Convert a Linked Table into a Local Table in Your Access

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating - linked tables can be really useful in your databases for a number of reasons. But one big drawback of linked tables is performance – running queries against them, especially if they aren’t Microsoft Access tables (i.e. if they’re Excel, CSV, or DBF files). They can be painfully s l o w to work with. There are a few ways you can work around that – we’ll work with one way here, and that’s to convert a linked table into a local...

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How to Use Message Tracking Logs in Exchange for Forensics Analysis

In this article we look at the key advantages of using message tracking logs while performing forensics analysis on Ms Exchange mailboxes Forensic Analysis in MS Exchange is used for investigating mailboxes; this investigation makes use of certain features which keep the record of all conversations and their logs. Message Tracking Log is one such feature, this keeps a record of the log files of all emails that are exchanged between mailboxes belonging to a single organization. During...

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3 Methods to Copy the Attendees from One Outlook Meeting to Another

Have you ever hoped to copy the attendees from one Outlook meeting to another? If you want to copy all the attendees, it is quite easy. But if you simply wish to copy the attendees who have accepted or declined or not responded, it will be complex. This article will teach you 3 methods. At times, for some reasons, you may be required to send a new meeting invitation to the same attendees in another meeting. In this case, how can you quickly copy the attendees from one to another? Actually...

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