3 Ways to Tick a Number or a Letter in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to show you how to tick a number or a letter in your Word document.

Every now and then, you may need to tick a number on a Word document. However, simply inserting a tick mark cannot meet your need. Most of the time, it is the effect as below that you want to achieve: A Tick Mark over a Number

Therefore, in the following article, we will offer you three ways to perform that.

Method 1: Insert a Tick Mark

  1. Firstly, lay your cursor at a blank area in your document.
  2. Click “Insert”.
  3. Then, click “Symbols”.
  4. Choose “More Symbols”.Click "Insert" ->Click "Symbols" ->Choose "More Symbols"
  5. In “Symbol” dialog box, find and click the tick mark.
  6. Click “Insert”.Choose the Tick Mark ->Click "Insert"The Tick Mark Changes
  7. Now select the mark.
  8. Click “WordArt”.
  9. Next, choose “WordArt style 1”.
  10. An “Edit WordArt Text” dialog box will pop up. Choose “Wingdings” for “Font”.
  11. And choose the size.
  12. Click “OK”. You will notice the tick mark changes.Choose "Wingdings" for "Font" ->Choose the Size ->Click "OK"
  13. Continue to select the tick mark.
  14. Click “Shape Fill”.
  15. Pick a color. Here we will go red.
  16. Then click “Shape Outline”.
  17. Choose “No Outline” on the drop-down menu.Choose a Color for "Shape Fill" ->Click "Shape Outline" ->Choose "No Outline"

Now the mark changes again as below:A Red Tick Mark without Outline

  1. Select the tick mark.
  2. Click “Position” this time.
  3. Choose “More Layout options” to open a “Layout” window.Click "Position" ->Choose "More Layout Options"
  4. Click “Text Wrapping”
  5. Then choose “In front of text” as the wrapping style.
  6. Click “OK”.Click "Text Wrapping" ->Choose "In front of text" ->Click "OK"
  7. At last, you can drag the mark anywhere you need.

Method 2: Insert a Text Box

  1. Click “Insert’.
  2. Then click “Text Box”.
  3. Choose “Draw text Box”.Click "Insert" ->Click "Text Box" ->Choose "Draw Text Box"
  4. Now your cursor will turn into a plus sign. Drag it to draw a text box on a number, such as below:Draw a Text Box over a Number
  5. Next do to insert a tick mark inside the text box. Detailed steps please refer to above step 2 to step 6.
  6. Select the tick mark.
  7. Click “Home”.
  8. Then choose a size.Select the Mark ->Click "Home" ->Choose a Size
  9. Now right click the text box.
  10. Choose “Format Text Box” option.
  11. In “Format Text Box” window, choose “Colors and Lines” first.
  12. Choose “No Color” for “Fill”.
  13. And choose “No Color” for “Line” too.
  14. Click “OK”.Click "Colors and Lines" Option ->Choose "No Color" for Both "Fill" and "Line" -> Click "OK"
  15. Drag the text box to place you like.Drag the Text Box

Method 3: Insert a Field

To inform you at the beginning, method 3 can only tick letter A or B by inserting field.

  1. Press “Ctrl+ F9” to insert a field in your Word document.Press "Ctrl+ F9" to Get a Field
  2. Input “eq \o(A,\s\down(√))” into the field.Type “eq \o(A,\s\down(√))” in the Field
  3. Then right click the codes.
  4. Choose “Toggle Field Codes”. Then it will turn into something as below:A Tick Mark over Letter A
  5. In case you want to remove the tick mark a little below, right click.
  6. Choose “Toggle Field Codes”.
  7. Type a number following “down” in the codes.Type a Number Following "down" to Move the Mark below
  8. Then right click again.
  9. Still choose “Toggle Field Codes”.Right Click ->Choose "Toggle Field Codes"
  10. Change the letter A in codes to B, and you can get a tick mark over letter B.

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