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How to Display Multiple Results in a Single Query Field in Your Access

If you’ve ever needed to produce a delimited list of field/query values alongside other information from your database you’ll know it can be challenging at best – and a task most people think isn’t going to be possible. If, for example, you’ve been asked to produce a report of how who were the top 5 sales people – in Descending order – for each month of the year, or the closest 3 stores to each customer, then you’re potentially left with wrangling with crosstab queries or...

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5 Key Points to Keep in Mind when Auditing Mailbox Access

In this article we look at important pointers that one should keep track of while a mailbox audit process is initiated. An organization contains multiple mailboxes; these mailboxes belong to people of different departments, and might also have differences in their privacy settings, depending on the type of user they belong to. A few mailboxes are such, which are only being maintained for the purpose of Discovery, to show compliance towards legal requirements. There might be instances where...

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How to Quickly Get the Total Number of Today’s Tasks and Appointments with Outlook VBA

Many people hope to quickly get the total number of tasks and appointments today in Outlook. Counting one by one manually is obviously error prone and troublesome. This article will look at this issue and introduce a method via Outlook VBA. At times, due to carelessness or forgetfulness, many people may leave some tasks or appointments, which are saved in Outlook, aside. If some of them are indeed important missions, the consequences may be disastrous. So some people would like to quickly...

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