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How to Send Plain Text Emails Only to Those in a Specific Domain via Outlook VBA

Some users would like to send Plain Text emails only to the recipients whose email addresses are in a specific domain. This article will introduce a smart method to get it. In my previous article “How to Always Send Outlook Emails in Plain Text Format for Specific Contacts”, you can get 2 approaches to send Plain Text emails only to specific contacts. If you want to send such emails to all contacts in a specific mail domain, using the 2 ways in that article will be a little bit stupid...

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How to Let Outlook Prompt for Target Calendar when Saving a New Appointment

Many users hope to gain more initiative in Outlook, such as being able to select a target calendar folder when creating and saving a new appointment. In this article, we will make this come true with VBA. By default, when you create and intend to save an appointment, Outlook will auto save it to either the default calendar or the currently opened calendar. However, sometimes, maybe you would like to manually select a target calendar. Obviously, Outlook doesn’t provide such a feature. But...

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How to Auto Forward the Attachments Only for Specific Incoming Emails in Outlook

Some users would like to auto forward the attachments of specific incoming emails with the original message body cleared in Outlook. Here we’ll introduce a quick way to realize it. At times, you may just want to forward the attachments only of a specific email to someone else. To realize “auto forward email”, you can simply make use of a rule. However, there is not a rule supporting “auto forward attachment only”. Hence, if you have this requirement, you have to resort to some...

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