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How to Avoid Unexpected Blank Forms in MS Access

In this article we will look at chasing down the causes of unexpected blank form and then look at workarounds to resolve such issues. Often MS Access forms present a picture which a user doesn’t want to see when working on a deadline – a blank page with no controls or data in the design view. Sometimes MS Access forms entire detail section disappears, showing nothing but white blank space. An empty form does nothing but confuses and frustrates the users. This puts a pause on their...

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How to Use Hyperlink Fields in MS Access Effectively

Adding hyperlinks in MS Access is slightly different from adding Hyperlinks to Word or Excel or PowerPoint, as Access allows more options and is comparatively more effective. It however requires some initial planning and has more features than other products of MS office. Hyperlinks in MS access have four parts in total, one compulsory and three optional.   Hyperlinking in MS Access Hyperlinks basically link the element from the database to an external source of information. It could be a...

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How, When and Where to Make Use of the Rounding Feature in MS Access

This article aims to help you understand how, when, and where to make use of the Round( ) function, what is the basic syntax, and how can you make changes to it, as per your requirements MS Access database is the kind of application that can prove to be a great business solution for almost all types of business. There are a plenty of functions in the application that can come to your rescue on different occasions. One such function we are going to discuss today is the Rounding () function in...

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