How to Quickly Get a List of the Snoozed Reminders in Your Outlook

After snoozing reminders, you may find a little bit difficult to figure out the snoozed ones among all reminders. Now, in this article, we will teach you how to quickly get a list of snoozed reminders in your Outlook.

When a reminder pops up in Outlook, you can choose either dismiss or snooze it. Most of time, if you currently have no time to deal with the associated item when a reminder alerts you, you will select to snooze the reminder for a certain time, such as 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Yet, after snoozing it, you will discover it a bit hard to find the snoozed reminders. In this case, you’ll long for a solution which can let you find out all snoozed reminders in one go. Thus, thereinafter, we’ll share you a way.

Quickly Get a List of the Snoozed Reminders in Your Outlook

Get a List of the Snoozed Reminders

  1. For a start, launch your Outlook application.
  2. Then, after getting into the main Outlook window, you ought to press “Alt + F11” key buttons.
  3. Subsequently, you will get access to the VBA editor window in success.
  4. Now, you have to find an unused module.
  5. Next, copy and paste the following VBA code into this module.
Sub GetListofSnoozedReminders()
    Dim objReminder As Outlook.Reminder
    Dim objReminders As Outlook.Reminders
    Dim strList As String
    Dim i As Long
    Dim objNote As Outlook.NoteItem
    'Get all the reminders in Outlook
    Set objReminders = Outlook.Reminders
    i = 1
    For Each objReminder In objReminders
        'Get the snoozed reminders
        If (objReminder.OriginalReminderDate <> objReminder.NextReminderDate) = True Then
            strList = strList & i & ". " & objReminder.Caption & " (" & Replace(TypeName(objReminder.Item), "Item", "") & ")" & vbCrLf & " Snoozed to " & objReminder.NextReminderDate & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
           i = i + 1
        End If
    Next objReminder
    'Display the list of snoozed reminders in a Note
    Set objNote = Outlook.Application.CreateItem(olNoteItem)
    With objNote
         .Body = "Snoozed Reminders" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & strList
    End With
End Sub

VBA Code - Get a List of the Snoozed Reminders

  1. After that, you can run this macro by clicking the “Run” icon in the toolbar or tapping on the “F5” key button.
  2. Eventually, a new note item will display in the background. It will display like the following screenshot:List of Snoozed Reminders
  3. If you would like to print out this item, you can locate it in the “Notes” folder. Then, go to “File” menu, switch to “Print” tab and hit “Print” button.Print the List

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4 responses to “How to Quickly Get a List of the Snoozed Reminders in Your Outlook”

  1. I got stuck/intimidated at ‘ find an unused module’. (as I’m not a programmer…) But the screenshot showing Module item/folder helped me know where to look. I didn’t have any at all, so I found context menu item on the Objects folder to insert a new Module. And followed from there. Got my elusive reminder item that I snoozed before actually reading it! thanks so much!! 🙂

  2. Please… there HAS to be a better way in the UI to accomplish this. I can’t follow these instructions…as I’m not a programmer. Essentially, I got stuck/intimidated at ‘ find an unused module’. 🙁

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