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How to Auto Record File Name & Path When Saving Email Attachment in Your Outlook

When saving email attachment in Outlook, you may desire to record the file name, path and some other related information in an Excel file. This article will offer you a piece of VBA code that can automate recording. In order to better manage email attachments, you may want to record them in an Excel spreadsheet when saving email attachment to local drive. However, by default, Outlook doesn’t offer such a feature. Fortunately, you can use the following VBA code to realize it like a...

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How to Quickly Disable All Rules Related to a Specific Folder in Outlook

If you would like to quickly find and disable all the rules which are related to a specific mail folder in your Outlook, you can use the way introduced in this article. Sometimes, you may want to batch disable all the rules that are involved with a specific mail folder in your Outlook. For instance, you intend to delete a certain folder. In this case, all the rules related to this folder will be useless. And keeping them may clutter up your rule list and even cause some unknown errors....

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How to Quickly Export an Outlook Folder with All Subfolders & Items to a Windows Folder

At times, you may want to batch export an Outlook folder with all subfolders and items to a Windows folder. This article will teach you such a method that is applying Outlook VBA. When you would like to export an Outlook folder to local drive with all items in the same folder structure, if you select to save and export manually, it’ll take you a lot of time. Thus, why don’t you resort to other means, such as any export tools or VBA codes? Here we will unveil such a piece of VBA code to...

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