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3 Methods to Quickly Add vCard Attachments to Your Contacts Folder in Outlook

When you receive an email which is attached with several vCard files, if you want to quickly save them as new contacts to your default Contacts folder, you can use the 3 methods introduced in this article. Sometimes, you may receive an email which contains many vCard attachments. In general, you will surely tend to add them as new contacts to your Contacts folder. You can add them one by one. However, it will be much better and more efficient if you can save them in bulk. In the followings,...

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How to Batch Change the Font & Preview Font of Email Lists in All Outlook Mail Folders

If you dislike the default font and preview font of the email list and want to customize it, you can change it as per your preference. This article will teach you how to change the font of email list in all email folders in batches. As we all know, it is very simple to change the view font of email list. You can just go to “View” tab and click on “View Settings”. Then in the new popup dialog box, hit “Other Settings” button, which will bring out another dialog box. In it, you can...

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How to Auto Update the Date in Subject when Forwarding or Replying an Email in Outlook

If you always want to ensure that the latest date is inserted into the subject no matter when forwarding or replying an email, you can use the way introduced in this post. It will auto update the date that has existed in the subject to the current date. By the means introduced in my previous article - “How to Auto Insert Current Date into the Subjects of Incoming Emails with Outlook VBA”, each incoming email’s subject will always contain a date. In this case, when you forward or reply...

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