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How to Batch Empty All “Deleted Items” Folders in All Your Outlook Email Accounts

If you’ve configured several email accounts in your Outlook and each account uses a separate Outlook data file, you will have several “Deleted Items” folders. When you want to empty each “Deleted Items” folder in every email account, you can utilize the piece of VBA code in this article. It permits you to empty them in bulk. As we all know, Outlook allows users to add and configure several email accounts. Plus, if each account uses an individual Outlook data file, every file will...

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How to Auto Merge All Appointments & Meetings from All Calendars with Outlook VBA

If you want to always merge all the appointments and meetings from all calendars into one calendar for convenient check, you can apply the method introduced in this article. Perhaps you have many email accounts configured in your Outlook. In this case, you must have many calendars in your Outlook. Therefore, every time when you want to check how many appointments there are today, you have to switch to all the calendars. It will be a bit troublesome. So, why don’t you merge them into one...

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How to Auto Move All Recipients except Original Sender to “CC” Field When Using “Reply All” in Outlook

Some users always move all the recipients except the original sender to “CC” field when using “Reply All” in Outlook. This article will introduce a method to automate the movement with Outlook VBA. By default, when you select “Reply All” to reply an email, all the recipients who was originally in “To” field will be still placed in the “To” field in the replying mail. However, many users would like to move all the recipients to the “CC” field with only the original...

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