How to Print Multiple Outlook Notes on a Single Page

If you’ve made a list of short notes in Outlook and tend to print them, why not print them on a single page for convenient check and to avert unnecessary wasting? If you agree with this idea, here are the prime methods for you.

When it comes to printing, “Print Options” may pass through many users’ minds in the first place. Well, printing multiple Outlook notes on a single page can be really achieved via changing print options. However, here is a smarter approach. Now read on to acquaint yourself with them in depth.

Accomplish via Outlook Print Options

  1. To start with, select all the note items to be printed in Outlook Notes pane.
  2. Then go to “File” menu and select “Print”.
  3. Under “Print” tab, locate and click “Print Options” button.Print Options
  4. In the popup dialog box, you should ensure that “Print style” is set to “Memo Style”. After that, click the “Page Setup” button aside.Memo Style
  5. Next in another new dialog box, you should switch to “Paper” tab.
  6. In the “Type” list of “Paper” section, you should select the according page, such as A4.
  7. And in the “Size” list of “Page” section, you can select the page size as per your desires. For instance, “1/8 sheet booklet” will place 8 notes on one sheet of paper.Change Paper and Page Sizes
  8. Click “OK” to back to “Print Options” dialog box, in which you can click “Preview” button as well.
  9. Finally click “Print” button.

Changing the sizes of page and paper is the most primitive method. Besides, one of its drawbacks is that there will be a large field of blank space in the paper. So as to minimize the wasteful white space, you can use the following means.

Copy All Notes as a Single Message with Text

  1. At the beginning, you still ought to select all the target notes in Notes pane.
  2. Then move your mouse onto the selected notes. Press the right mouse key to drag them to the “Mail” icon in navigation pane. Optionally, when you move the mouse to “Mail”, all mail folders will show up. You can drag the notes to one folder as well.Drag the Selected Notes to Mail Pane
  3. Next a menu will pop up, from which you should select “Copy Here as Message with Text”.Copy Here as Message with Text
  4. A prompt will crop up, asking you whether to create a new item from the multiple selected items. Choose “Yes”.
  5. After that, a new message will open. You can see all the notes are copied here. In addition, every note item has been separated by a short horizontal line.New Message
  6. Eventually you can just print the message as usual.

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