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How to Quickly Print the List of Free Days for a Specific Month in Your Outlook Calendar

If you wish to rapidly get the list of free days for a specific month in your Outlook calendar, you can make use of the method exposed in this article. It can use VBA to print out the list within seconds. With your Outlook calendar stuff with various appointments and meetings, you may desire to quickly extract a list of free days. Therefore, in the followings, we’ll share a piece of VBA code with you, which is able to find out all the free days in a specific month and print out the list of...

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How to Display Next Reminder Time in Task List with Outlook VBA

By default, Outlook doesn’t support users to check the next reminder time after snoozing any reminder. Thus, in this post, we’ll take task reminder as an example, teaching you to display the next reminder time in task list. After you snooze a task reminder in Outlook, afterwards, you may want to check the next reminder time. You are allowed to add the “Reminder Time” column to the Task list. However, it refers to the original reminder rime, instead of the new reminder time after...

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How to Quickly Create Outlook Contacts for All Email Addresses Occurring in a Word Document

This article will share you a method to quickly extract all the email addresses from a Word document and then create according contacts for them in your Outlook. In my previous article - “How to Quickly Send an Outlook Email to All Email Addresses Occurring in Several Word documents”, you can easily learn to send an email to the email addresses in Word documents. Similarly, maybe for the future convenience, you may wish to create the corresponding contacts for these email addresses....

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