2 Methods to Print Outlook Items in a Specific Category

Color category does help us a lot in classifying Outlook items. At times we may wish to print out a list of emails, contacts or a schedule that belong to one category. This article will introduce 2 techniques to accomplish it in quick time.

I am accustomed to classifying and managing my Outlook items by categories. On one occasion, I would like to print out my monthly calendar items which belong to a specific category. But in “Print Options”, I cannot figure out how to select the category. So I return to my calendar pane and try to find out other workarounds. Finally I discover the following two approaches.

Method 1: Apply a Filtered View

  1. For a start, switch to “View” tab.
  2. Then locate and click on “View Settings” button in the “Current View” group.View Settings
  3. After that, a new dialog box of “Advanced View Settings” will turn up. You should hit “Filter” button.
  4. Next in the subsequent dialog box of “Filter”, shift to “More Choices” tab. And then hit “Categories” button.Specify Filters
  5. Later in the latter dialog box of “Color Categories”, select the target category.Select Category
  6. Click a series of “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed. After returning to Outlook mail list, you will see, only the emails which belong to the selected category are located in the list.
  7. Thus now you can go to “File” menu and switch to “Print” tab. In “Settings”, select “Table Style”, and you can preview the list at right side. Eventually hit “Print” button.

Note: If you often need to print the items in this selected category, it is suggested to create a new custom view with this filter. Click “Change View” button under “View” tab. From the drop down list, select “Save Current View As a New View”.Save Current View As a New View

Method 2: Use Instant Search

Aside from applying a filtered view, we can actually use instant search tool. If you seldom need to print this kind of items in one category, this method may be much handier and simpler.

  1. At the beginning, enable “Search” ribbon by clicking into search box or press “Ctrl + E” keyboard shortcuts.
  2. After that, there are two options for you to specify the category:
  • One is to click on “Categorized” button and select the target one from its drop down list.Categorized
  • The other one is directly type the category name in the search box, for instance, category:”Test”Input Category Name
  1. After searching out your desired Outlook items, go to “File” > “Print”. Choose “Table Style” and press “Pint” button lastly.

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