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How to Auto Empty “Junk E-mail” Folder When Exiting Outlook

Some users hope that Outlook can automatically empty “Junk E-mail” folder when exiting Outlook. Though there isn’t such a feature in Outlook, it still can be realized via VBA. Perhaps you have known that Outlook has an inbuilt feature which is able to auto empty the “Deleted Items” folders when you exit your Outlook. Likewise, you may desire to acquire a similar function, namely auto emptying “Junk E-mail” folder when exiting Outlook. Although Outlook doesn’t provide such a...

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How to Auto Overlay Specific Calendars When Switching to Outlook Calendar Area

If you desire to keep some specific calendars overlaid when you switch to calendar area in your Outlook, you can refer to this article. We will share you a piece of VBA code. It can help you realize it with effortless ease. To view several calendars at the same time in your Outlook, you can overlay the calendars. In this way, all appointments and meetings of these overlaid calendars will be shown in one page, but in different colors. Unquestionably, it’s very handy. Thus, if you would like...

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How to Request Required Attendees Only to Respond to Your Meeting Invitation in Outlook

Some users desire to only request meeting responses from the required attendees when sending an Outlook meeting invitation. This article will teach how to realize it via Outlook VBA. To not request responses when sending meeting invitations, you can just click the “Response Options” button and uncheck the “Request Responses” option. But, by this means, all the attendees, no matter required or optional, will not be required to send their meeting responses. However, in reality, most of...

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