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How to Auto Print an Email When It is Moved to a Specific Folder in Your Outlook

Some users long for a method to make their Outlook to automatically print out an email when it’s moved to a specific folder. As there is no such a feature supporting it, this article will guide you how to achieve it with Outlook VBA. If you are accustomed to moving the vitally important emails to a specific folder and always need to print out these emails, you may hope that Outlook can auto print out the emails when they are moved to the specified folder. Although you’re unable to...

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How to Quickly Send an Outlook Email to All Email Addresses Occurring in Several Word Documents

If you want to quickly extract all the email addresses from several Word documents and send an Outlook email to these email addresses, you had better use the method shared in this article. It is much quicker than manually performing. At times, you may hold several important Word documents, which contain many email addresses scattering around the documents. In this case, if you would like to send an Outlook email to these email addresses, in general, you may select to manually copy the...

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How to Quickly Merge Items from Multiple Folders without Duplicates in Outlook

If you would like to merge all the items from multiple Outlook folders and insure no duplicate, you can use the method introduced in this article. It is using VBA code to help you accomplish it like a cork. At times, you may wish to merge items from several Outlook folders, like merging all the contacts of several Outlook Contacts folders. In this situation, if there are some duplicated contacts among these folders, you must hope that the duplicates can be removed automatically during...

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