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How to Quickly Get a List of the Snoozed Reminders in Your Outlook

After snoozing reminders, you may find a little bit difficult to figure out the snoozed ones among all reminders. Now, in this article, we will teach you how to quickly get a list of snoozed reminders in your Outlook. When a reminder pops up in Outlook, you can choose either dismiss or snooze it. Most of time, if you currently have no time to deal with the associated item when a reminder alerts you, you will select to snooze the reminder for a certain time, such as 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc....

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2 Ways to Prevent Recipients from Forwarding Your Meeting Invitations to Others in Outlook

If you wish to prohibit the recipients from forwarding the meeting invitations that you send to them, you can use either of the two methods introduced in this article. By default, if the recipients forward your meeting invitations to other people, you as the meeting organizer will receive a notification. Yet, most of time, maybe what you want is blocking recipients from forwarding your meeting invitation, instead of a simple notification. Focused on this requirement, here we will share 2...

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How to Quickly Assign an Outlook Task to All Email Addresses in an Excel File

If you would like to assign an Outlook task to all the email addresses in an Excel file, you can refer to this article. Here we will expose a smart way, which can help you accomplish it just via a click. Assuming that you have an Excel file which contains the team members who are responsible for a project, and at present you hope to assign an Outlook task to all of them, you can use the piece of VBA code shown in the followings. Assign a Task to All Email Addresses in an Excel File ...

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