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How to Default Cursor to “Subject” Field when Creating New Message in Outlook

In Outlook, when you create a new email, the new Message window will open with cursor located in “To” field by default. Yet, if you would like to position the cursor to the other field, such as “Subject”, you can use the method shared in this article. As you can see, when you create a new email, the new Message window will open and the cursor is positioned in “To” field. However, some users would like to first fill in the email subject. Thus, they hope to put the cursor in...

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How to Quickly Export All Recent Emails You Haven’t Replied To in Outlook

Some users long for a solution to quickly find out and export the recent emails that they haven’t replied to. Therefore, this post will introduce a quick approach to you. Inevitably, when you are too busy, you may miss some emails and do not reply to them in time. At this point, you may hope to quickly find out such emails. Yet, you must note that Outlook doesn’t provide such a search filter. But don’t worry. Here we will share you a method to search the recent emails you haven’t...

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How to Keep an Email Open after Marking It Complete in Your Outlook

By default, in Outlook, after you mark a flagged email complete in its open Message window, the email will be closed automatically. This article will teach you how to keep an email open even after you mark it complete. Perhaps you have noticed that Outlook will automatically close the opened email after you mark it complete. Yet, most of time, you still want to continue dealing with this email, such as moving it to another folder and so on. If it is closed, you have to spend some time...

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