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How to Batch Move Emails from All Subfolders of One Folder to Another Folder in Outlook

Perhaps you have a folder under which there are numerous subfolders. If you would like to reorganize the emails in them, such as quickly moving all emails from these subfolders to a specific folder, you can use the way shared in this article. At times, you may need to batch move the emails from all subfolders of one folder to another folder for some reasons, like you want to re-classify emails, so these subfolders aren’t useful any longer. In this case, processing these subfolders one by...

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How to Quickly Export All Image Attachments of an Outlook Email to a PDF File

If you would like to quickly export all image attachments of an Outlook email to a PDF file, you can use the method introduced in this article. It utilizes a piece of VBA code to realize such “export” in quick time. At times, you may want to combine many images to a PDF file, like exporting all image attachments of an email to a PDF file. It sounds a little bit difficult. But in the followings, we’ll show a method, which can quickly achieve this without any hassle. Export All...

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How to Send Plain Text Emails Only to Those in a Specific Domain via Outlook VBA

Some users would like to send Plain Text emails only to the recipients whose email addresses are in a specific domain. This article will introduce a smart method to get it. In my previous article “How to Always Send Outlook Emails in Plain Text Format for Specific Contacts”, you can get 2 approaches to send Plain Text emails only to specific contacts. If you want to send such emails to all contacts in a specific mail domain, using the 2 ways in that article will be a little bit stupid...

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