How to Print a List of Upcoming Reminders in Outlook Calendar

Sometimes, you may desire to view and print the appointment reminders which are set for future dates in a certain Outlook calendar. This article will introduce a quick means to get such a list of future reminders.

As a regular Outlook user, you must be making use of its calendar feature, which can help you schedule your work with reminders. Thanks to the reminders, you will not readily forget any meetings or appointments.

By default, Outlook will not show the reminders in “Calendar” view. Hence, if you want to view the reminders, you have to make some efforts, namely adding the “Reminder” related columns to the List view. Moreover, if you wish to screen out and print the upcoming reminders, you’ll be required to add some view filters as well. Here are the elaborate steps to achieve it. If you have the similar wishes, just take the following operations.

Print a List of Upcoming Reminders

  1. To start with, launch Outlook and switch to Calendar pane.
  2. Then you can open a certain calendar folder.
  3. Now shift to “View” tab and click “Change View” button. From its drop-down list, you should select “List”.Change to List View
  4. After that, click on the “View Settings” button, which will open the “Advanced View Settings” dialog box.
  5. In this dialog box, click “Columns”. Then you will get into the “Show Columns” dialog box. At this point, you ought to add “Reminder Beforehand” column.
  • Firstly, select “Date/Time fields”.
  • Then pitch on the “Reminder Beforehand” field.
  • Next click “Add” button.
  • Optionally, change its order by “Move Up” and “Move Down”.
  • Lastly hit “OK”.Add the "Reminder Beforehand" Column
  1. After you click “OK”, you will get back to “Advanced View Settings” dialog box. Now you should click “Filter” button.
  2. Subsequently, you need to add two advanced filters.
  • First, turn to “Advanced” tab.
  • Then type “Start” in “Field” box, select “on or after” in “Condition” and type “Tomorrow” in “Value” box. Press “Add to List” button.
  • Next type “Reminder” in Field, select “equals” in “Condition” and choose “Yes” in “Value” box. Click “Add to List”.
  • Ultimately, click a series of “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed.Add View Filters
  1. After that, you can gain the list of appointments with future reminders only, shown as the following image.Only Appointments with Future Reminders Left
  2. Finally, you can turn to “File” > “Print”, and change the print settings to the “Table Style”. Lastly click “Print” button.Print the List in Table Style

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