3 Quick Ways to Change the Order of Sections in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to share 3 quick ways which shall enable you to change the order of sections in your Word document.

Now and then, while editing a document, we are likely to revise the contents over and over again. And during the process, there is the need to put a section of contents to a new location. Now let’s take a look at some examples in the below:

  1. Relocate chapter contents. In terms of a long document containing several chapters, the chapter’s order deserves your second thought. After all, the text organization does matter.
  2. Reorder multiple tables. For example, if a document includes many tables of different information, perhaps you may need to change the sequence of some.
  3. Rearrange several images. To insert some images to document can help author to illustrate his or her idea. But the usual occasion is we are on the fence, unable to decide the exact location for the image. Therefore, we need to insert an image to several positions before making up of mind.

Method 1: Use “Cut” and “Paste” Options

  1. By default, the zoom percentage of a document is set for 100. In order to view several pages together, you need to click and drag the slider on status bar to zoom out until there are multiple pages on the window.
  2. Then select the section you want to move, such as below:
    Zoom out a Document to Percentage until You Can View Multiple Pages
  3. Next press “Ctrl+ X” to cut the contents.
  4. And put cursor at the target location and press “Ctrl+ V’ to paste the contents.

Method 2: Change Order in Navigation Pane

  1. First and foremost, add some marking letters or numbers before the section contents and apply them with the same level of heading style.Adding Marking Number with Heading Style Applied
  2. Next click “View” tab.
  3. Then check the “Navigation Pane” box in “Show” group.Click "View"->Check "Navigation Pane" Box
  4. Now there shall be the navigation pane on the screen. You can see all sections with the same level of heading style applied are there. You just need to click and drag it to the position you want.

Method 3: Change Order in “Outline View”

  1. Firstly, take the first 2 steps in method 2.
  2. Then click “Outline” in “Document Views” group.Click "View"->Click "Outline"
  3. After switching to the Outline view, choose the right showing level. For instance, in our case, since we apply the marking numbers with “Heading 2” styles, we should select “Level 2”.
  4. Next click on the cross sign before number and click either “Move Up” or “Move Down” to change the section order.Choose Showing Level->Click "Move Up" or "Move Down"

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