2 Quick Tips to Batch Make Multiple Outlook Appointments Private

So as to protect your privacy, you may prefer to make many appointments private. Changing the appointments’ sensitivity one by one will be cumbersome. Thus in this article, we will introduce you 2 tricks to quickly achieve it.

If you’re using an exchange account in your Outlook and sharing your calendar with others, they will be able to access your appointments in other own Outlook at will. You must have some private appointments which you don’t want others to read them. In such a case, why not make the specific appointments private? If you want to make a certain amount of appointments private, you can use the 2 means introduced hereinafter to realize in batches.

Tip 1: Batch Make Appointments Private by “Private” Field

  1. In the first place, go to the Calendar pane and open the right calendar folder.
  2. Then change the current view to “List” by shifting to “View” tab and selecting “Change View” > “List”.
  3. Next you can click “View Settings”, which will open a new dialog box. In it, hit “Columns” button.
  4. In the subsequent dialog box, take the steps below:
  • Select “All Contact fields” from “Select available columns from” list.
  • Find and choose “Private” from the “Available columns” box.
  • Press “Add” button.
  • Optionally, use “Move Up” and “Move Down” to change its order.
  • Lastly hit a series of “OK” until all dialog boxes get closed.Add the Private Column
  1. After that, back to the appointment list. Right click the “Private” column and choose “Group By This Field”.Group by Private Field
  2. Later you need to manually make an appointment private. Then select all the appointments which you want to make private and drag and drop them onto the “Private Yes” group, like the following screenshot:Drag the Private No to Private Yes
  3. Finally, the selected appointments will be marked as private in batches.

Tip 2: Batch Make Appointments Private with Outlook VBA

  1. At the very outset, press “Alt + F11” key buttons to open VBA editor.
  2. In the new window, you should open a new module and copy the following VBA codes into it.
Sub BatchMakeApptsPrivate()
    Dim olSel As Selection
    Dim obj As Object
    Dim olAppt As AppointmentItem
    Set olSel = Outlook.Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection
    For Each obj In olSel
        If TypeOf obj Is AppointmentItem Then
           Set olAppt = obj
           With olAppt
               .Sensitivity = olPrivate
           End With
        End If
End Sub

VBA Codes - Batch Make Multiple Outlook Appointments Private

  1. Subsequently, you can exit the VBA editor and add the new macro to Quick Access Toolbar as usual.Add the BatchMakeApptsPrivate Macro to Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Eventually you can go to calendar list and select the desired appointments to be marked private and next press the macro button in Quick Access Toolbar. At once, they will be private.

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