Data Backup

How to Create a Backup Disk Image on Windows 10

A disk image allows you to restore your entire system, not just files and folders. Windows 10 had a tool that allows you to create system image files that you can use to backup and restore your computer. Even if you have good data recovery software installed on your computer, it’s still a good idea to schedule and create regular backups of your important data. While you can use backup software like DataNumen Backup to create backups of the important data and files on your hard...

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How to Prevent Data Loss Due to Overheating

Overheating is a common problem that can lead to data loss. Your computer really heats up when it is operating and if there is something wrong with the cooling system the hard drive could be damaged leading to data loss. One of the most common ways that we inadvertently damage our computer is by allowing it to overheat. When computers are operating, they generate heat, this heat is supposed to be dissipated by your computer’s cooling and ventilation system.  Most computers are...

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How to Back Up Your Files in Windows

The most effective way to secure your data is through making a backup. A backup is a copy of the original file stored in a different location for future restoration. This article highlights a few easy methods to create a backup for Windows files. There are several ways to back up your files on Windows depending on the Windows version you're using. The easiest one is probably using a reliable data backup tool. There are also some manual methods as we shall see below.  The most...

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