Data Backup

2 Common Data Loss Scenarios and What to Do About Them

Data loss occurs when there is something wrong with your hard drive so you can’t access your data. There are various reasons why this can occur and in the post, we take a closer look at two common data loss scenarios and how you can retrieve your data. No matter how careful you are handling your devices, accidents happen. Physical damage to your hard drive or its components can lead to failure and data loss. So can viruses, malware, or just plain carelessness. Here are a few...

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What is a “Bad Sector” and How Can it Lead to Data Loss?

Computer hard drives can develop bad sectors. Any data stored in a sector that is bad can be temporarily lost as it will be marked either unreadable or missing. To recover the data in a bad sector, you need to identify whether it was caused by physical or logical damage. Sometimes a computer hard drive can develop bad sectors. These bad sectors are simply sectors on your drive which won’t respond to request to read or write the data stored within. Bad sectors are part of the...

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What is Disk Imaging? Do You Need Disk Imaging Software?

Regularly backing up your hard drive is important in case of hard drive failure. Making regular backups allows ensures that you minimize the risk of data loss. Data imaging creates a back up of not just your important files but your hard drive itself allowing you to restore your entire system quickly and easily. Disk imaging is used to create a backup of your hard drive. Regularly backing up your hard drive is essential in order to prevent permanent data loss in case of hard drive...

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