Data Backup

3 Messages that Mean You Have Data Loss Problems – And 3 Programs That Can Help

Data loss doesn’t “just happen”. Your computer will not just stop working or your drive will not become inaccessible “out of nowhere”. There are warning signs that something is going wrong that can cause permanent data loss. Knowing these signs and acting quickly can ensure that data loss is just temporary. If there is something wrong with your hard drive or the software installed on your computer, you could end up suffering from data loss. Luckily, there are warning signs in...

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4 Warning Signs that Your Hard Drive is Failing

Before hard drive failure occurs, there will be several warning signs you would do well to heed. By spotting and taking not of these warning signs you can make sure to take measures to prevent permanent data loss. Hard drive failure cannot be prevented. Hard drives usually have a shelf life of about five years before they start to slow and eventually fail. Luckily, before your hard drive fails completely, it will give your these four warning signs. 1. If you hear a clicking sound...

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How to Prevent Permanent Data Loss in Physical Hard Drive Failure

A physical hard drive failure, when your hard drive is no longer able to boot up properly, can lead to data loss if you don’t act quickly. It is important to have regular backups made of your files in order to ensure that data loss due to a physical hard drive failure does not become permanent. A hard drive crash occurs when your computer or laptops hard disk can no longer function properly. Sometimes this occurs because of a physical hard drive failure. A physical hard drive...

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