Data Backup

3 Things You Need To Remember About Backup Files

Even with the rise of easy and effective data recovery programs, it is still important to create regular backups of your files. Data recovery software is only really effective for logical hard drive failures and having a backup is still the best way to save most of your data. There are many reasons why computers fail or crash, they could get accidently damaged or lost, infected by a virus or malware, or suffer a mechanical failure. Because of the threat of data loss, many companies...

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Why Does a Hard Drive Fail and How Can I Prevent Data Loss Because of It?

Hard drive failure is a common reason for data loss. It can occur due to physical damage to your computer or laptop or due to gradual deterioration of the hard drive itself. Be aware of the ways that your hard drive can be damaged and make sure that you create backups. When your hard drive malfunctions, you may find that you are unable to access your files or folders which can be a hassle and cost you time and money. Unfortunately, hard drive failure is a common occurrence. Because...

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6 Bad Computing Habits That Can Cause Data Loss

Human error or carelessness is a common cause of hard drive failure leading to data loss. In order to ensure that you don’t inadvertently damage your computer or laptop while using it, you need to get rid of the following bad computing habits. Two of the biggest causes of data loss are hardware failure and human error, and many time’s the reason behind hardware failure is human error. Human error or carelessness can often damage a hard drive or storage device causing files and...

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