Data Backup

Local vs Remote Backup, Which is Better?

Discover what local and remote data backup solutions involve including their advantages and drawbacks and make it easy to decide which one suits your needs. The first step towards protecting your business from data loss is backing up your important files. You may opt to do so locally or remotely. This article examines these data backup methods and highlights the merits and demerits of each to help you determine which one works for you. Local Backup Local data backup is also...

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3 Tips to Optimize Data Backup Strategies

Find out how you can optimize data backup strategies to ensure your files are safe and easily accessible anytime you need them and avoid unnecessary or costly delays. If you want to get the most out of your data backups, it is important to have a systematic plan that will not only keep your files safer but also make them easily accessible.  Unfortunately, complicated data backup plans can make it hard to access information when needed and cost your business huge losses. How can you...

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5 Top Variables that Affect the Cost of Data Backup

Find out the factors that determine the cost of data backup in this article so that you can plan for your data backup effectively and allocate the necessary budget for the same. Data backup is a great way for companies to preserve their data and protect themselves against data loss disasters. One of the factors to consider when choosing a data backup plan is cost. Here are the top five that affect the cost of data backup. 1. Choice of Backup Method to Use You can opt to back up...

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