How Often Should You Verify Data Backups?

So as to ensure that data backups are effective, it is highly recommended to test and verify data backups at a regular interval. Many users are confused about how often they should test data backups. This article will discuss about this issue in detail.

When it comes to making efforts to avoid data loss, undoubtedly, one of the most effective solutions is to make periodical data backups. In this way, the future data recovery will be pretty simple. For instance, when a PST file gets corrupted, if you have backed up your file, you’re able to recover PST data from backups with ease.

How Often Should You Verify Data Backups?

However, sometimes, you may encounter the case where you fail to restore data from backups. More often than not, it occurs from backup failure, such as backed up file corruption. Yet, actually, such failures can be avoided as long as you verify the backups on a regular basis. That is to say, you have to attempt restoring data backups on schedule to insure it is intact. Now, thereinafter, we will delve into the proper frequencies of testing your backups elaborately.

On a Regular Basis

First of all, as what mentioned above, you need to persist in testing data backups on a regular cycle, such as weekly or monthly. To be honest, ideally, it is advisable to schedule a restore test after every backup. However, there is no denying that it is too troublesome. Thus, there is a trade-off to be made. For instance, you can try restore test every month.

When Application Changes Greatly

When any changes to an application, you have to launch a test restore from the backups at once. For example, if you install any patches to fix the software bugs or upgrade to a new version of the software, or even the entire operating system on your PC gets changed, you should test your backups as soon as possible.

When Application Data Changes Drastically

Aside from the application itself, if the data generated by the application changes greatly, you need to perform a test restore as well. More specifically, if you import any external data into an application, you have to verify the effectiveness of data backups, trying to restore the backups to validate the data recovery.

When New Application Is Installed

In addition, when you install a new application on your computer, such as a new virtual machine (VM) or a new server, you need test the restore, too. It’s because that installing a new VM or the server will significantly change the existing drive partitions. Hence, not only should you start a backup at once, but also you have to test the backup to see whether the backup are valid indeed.

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