Copy vs Backup: Which Is Better for Backing up Your PC?

How do you back up your computer? Do you just copy everything or make full use of a reliable backup program? This article will look at the two ways and discuss about them in detail. You can refer to this article and decide which one is better for you.

In order to prevent frustrating data loss, more and more users have realized the importance of data backups. It is because that as long as with backups, although data gets corrupted, it is very easy to restore damaged data from backups, like to recover Outlook data from PST backups.

Copy vs Backup: Which Is Better for Backing up Your PC?

When it comes to the ways for making backups for PC, some users have the idea to just copy their computer data to an external drive via a copy-file tool. Yet, there are also many users who prefer to utilize a specialized data backup program. In face of the two approaches, you may be confused about which is better. Now, in the followings, we will delve into them in detail.



One of the main reasons why some users tend to opt to copy data is that in some degree, copying is indeed much faster and easier than using backup tool. For example, you can simply apply a copy tool to rapidly get a duplication of whole partitions.


However, copying data also has many flaws. One of them is that some files will not be backed up by this means. For instance, any files which are in use will not be copied. Due to the fact that some files are always in use, such as the Windows registry files, some application configuration files, etc., its apparent that copying data is not an effective way for backup.



Firstly, In contrast to copying, using a backup program will be much more effective in that it can be set to back up everything. This is what s simple copy-file tool is unable to do. It can gain access to all hidden, invisible and protected files.

Secondly, it can be configured with fixed settings and be launched automatically and on a regular basis.

Thirdly, it offers users three kinds of backup solutions, including full, incremental and differential backup options. You can choose any one as per your needs.


Of course, as a saying goes, every coin has two sides. Therefore, utilizing a backup tool also has some shortcomings. For instance, there are many such programs in today’s market. Among them, some may be unreliable, which can cause damage to your data. Plus, no software is flawless. If backup software crashes during backup, the backed up data will be corrupt as well.

Now, based on what mentioned above, you can analyze your own case and make a suitable decision on your own.

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3 responses to “Copy vs Backup: Which Is Better for Backing up Your PC?”

  1. I fully with Joy she echoed my thoughts. I am 75+ and have used computers starting from the massive word processing machines to dumb computers to PCs. And have enjoyed the advantages of backups, but today I need a duplicate of certain files in a safe device.
    Thank you for the PROs & CONs between backups and Copies.

  2. Technology & Users.
    In discussing PROs & CONs re Copy Vs backup, no thought is given to the user’s requirements or age. In the case of 70+, technology and user are moving in opposite directions. User’s requirements are becoming smaller, while technology is becoming more complicated and newer technologies are emerging. Thus, where the recommendations about Copy/Paste vs Backup is concerned there is a gap, which just ignores the elder users.
    In my view, recommendations and suggestions regarding data technology, which is preferred and used more and more, should take into consideration these limitations and the requirements of different groups. Thank you.

  3. Very brilliant comparison between copy and backup and as you said “using a backup program will be much more effective in that it can be set to back up everything” , you are right, I use Gs Richcopy 360 and it is very robust and effective for my backups

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