Is It Right to Back up to an Internal Hard Drive?

Some users hope to back up their computer data to its own internal hard drive. But actually, they’re still confused about whether it is right or not. This article will look at this issue and point out its pros and cons.

When it comes to protecting data, one of the most effective means is regular and up-to-date data backup. For instance, if you have backed up your PST file, when it gets damaged for some reasons, you can easily recover PST data from the backed up PST file. Increasing users have realized the importance of backing up data. Yet, many of them are confused about the backup storage devices. Some users would like to simply back up their computer data still in the internal hard drive. Actually, generally, it’s suggested to back up computer data to an external hard drive. Here we will focus on this issue, reveal its advantages and disadvantages and show our points of view.

Is It Right to Back up to an Internal Hard Drive?


  1. Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons why some users hope to back up to internal hard disk is convenience of backups. More specifically, with backing up to inner disk, you won’t need to connect to external disk every time when backup.
  2. In addition, if accidentally erasing, modifying or damaging your files, you can restore them with utmost ease, simply from the same hard drive.


Of course, inevitably, although it is indeed convenient, it still contains a myriad of potential risks, as follows:

  1. First of all,  if the internal hard disk dies, you will tend to lose everything on this disk, surely including your data backups.
  2. Usually, we recommend backing up your entire system, which can permit you to restore crashed system to a backup copy. However, backing up to an inbuilt hard disk, it is hard to back up an entire PC system, not to mention restoring system.
  3. Moreover, it is known that viruses or malware are becoming more and more rampant. If any viruses attack and damage your computer system, your hard drive may get infected. At that time, no matter original data or backup, they’ll be in danger.
  4. Last but not least, it is always advisable to make offsite data backup in that it can avoid the onsite disasters. For instance, if your computer gets stolen, or it gets damaged by fire, water or other natural disasters, the internal hard drive will suffer. At that point, both raw data and backup copy will be lost totally.

Based on mentioned above, it is not right to back up to an internal hard drive. You had better seek other storage media, such as external hard drive or cloud storage and so on.

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