2 Methods to Adjust Contents to Fit in Cells in Your Word Table

In this article, we would like to share 2 easy methods to adjust contents to fit in cells in your Word table. When deal with a table in Word document, it’s hard to ensure all table cells stay in fixed size. Normally, with more words input in a cell, it will automatically wrap text. Below is an example: This is surely not eye-catching. How about finding ways to fix a table size but make contents fit it? Following are 2 ways available: Method 1: Set a Table One Time At first,...

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2 Quick Ways to Auto Fit Tables to Contents or Page in Your Word Document

This article is cropped to provide you with 2 quick and manageable ways to auto fit tables to contents or Page in your Word document. Inserting a table to hold data is now inevitable in Word using. More often than not, we don’t stop in merely having a table but try to make it look great in document. This means we will need to properly adjust table size accordingly. Now, let’s first take a look at occasions when we must change a table size: It’s pretty often to insert a new page...

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2 Methods to Alternate Row or Column Colors in Your Word Table

In this article, we will introduce 2 methods for you to alternate row or column colors in your Word table. When it comes to a long table, we always find it pretty tiresome to stare at those numbers and try so hard not to make a mistake. But now, we have 2 awesome ways to deal with such an issue that is to apply different colors for odd and even rows or columns. Following are details: Method 1: Create a New Table Style Firstly, select the entire target table. Then, click “Design”...

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