How to Auto Send a Notification Email When a Specific Task Is Completed in Outlook

After completing a task in Outlook, many users may wish to send a notification email to notify someone, such as the superior. Sending the email manually will be time-consuming. This article will introduce a quick method to auto send this kind of emails. From the article “4 Rapid Steps to Assign Task to Others in Your Outlook”, you can know that if the task is assigned to you from your superior and they’ve required a status report in advance, like the screenshot below, they will be able...

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How to Auto Create a Task whenever a Specific Category Is Assigned to an Email in Outlook

This article will teach you how to automatically create a new task when you assign a specific color category to an email by means of Outlook VBA. In the past, when I received an email involved with a task, I used to specify the “Task” category to this email and proceed to create a new related task. To be honest, this process is indeed time-consuming. I have to write down all the info in advance, since that these details must be demanded in the new task. But now, with the help of VBA,...

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How to Easily Create and Filter Data in a Pivot Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

When you create an ordinary chart in Excel, you will see all the data and information in this chart. Here we will introduce how to create and filter data in a pivot chart in your Excel. Even though ordinary chart in Excel can fulfill many tasks, you will still feel that the chart is not flexible enough. For example, you cannot filter data and information directly in the chart. Therefore, to make the chart more intuitive, you can create a pivot chart in your Excel. Create a Pivot Table...

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