How to Log and Monitor Your Server’s CPU Usage without Using Third Party Tools

In this article, we will introduce how to monitor CPU usage on SQL Servers using TSQL Script. With the script, you can log server's CPU usage. You can also set email alerts. Why it is So Important to Monitor CPU Usage as a DBA Checking the resource utilization would be the primary step that a DBA would do when they are called for a Performance trouble shooting. High CPU usage on SQL Server will have a huge impact on the SQL’s performance and on the CPU. A CPU’s lifespan would be reduced...

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How to Get Alert Email on Failover in Your Always On Availability Group in SQL Server

Follow these simple steps along with the script to set up and receive a simple and single email whenever a failover happens in your AlwaysOn Availability Group. AlwaysOn Availability Group in SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group was released with SQL Server 2012 and is the successor of database mirroring. You can set it up in your SQL Server environment for high availability or disaster recovery. For High Availability the group has to be set in synchronous mode and for disaster recovery the...

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4 Different Backup Methods in Your Exchange Server

In this article we look at several types of backup options present in Ms Exchange Server You can find multiple ways for backing up data in MS Exchange, which will help you keep data safe and secure. However it is important to note, that none of these methods are full proof and often require to be accompanied with other methods for best results. All the methods come with a set of advantages and disadvantages which you need to be aware of before you can make a selection of which method to use....

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