How to Auto Backup and Restore Databases with TSQL during Server Migration

During migration, backup and restoring databases might be a hectic task. However with this Automated Backup and Restoration script you do not have to worry about it anymore. During migration, taking a backup and restore for databases might be a hectic task. Now is it easy with this Automated Backup and Restoration script which enables the user to have a stress free migration activity. This script has to be executed on the server from which you are taking the database backup. The script...

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How to Log and Monitor Your Server’s Memory Usage without Using Third Party Tools

Stop buying third party tools to monitor Memory usage on SQL Servers. Using this TSQL Script, you can log server's Memory usage. You can also set email alerts accordingly. Why DBA should Monitor Memory Usage? Generally a DBA’s mailbox will be flooded with emails whenever end users are unable to work on a server or if all the task are taking too much time. With a quick check at the Server’s resource usage, you can determine that the reason for this problem is the server’s Memory. The CPU...

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How to Auto Move the Emails with Specific CC Recipients in Outlook

In reality, most of you may hope to create an Outlook rule to auto move the emails with specific CC recipients. But Outlook rule doesn’t support checking CC recipients. So this article will teach you how to realize it with Outlook VBA. Obviously, it is impossible for you to create an Outlook rule to search specific CC recipients. As shown in the following screenshot, for received emails, you can only check if your own name is in the CC box. Similarly, for sent emails, even there is no...

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