How to Create a Calendar in Your Excel Worksheet with VBA Script

Excel has a wide range of usage. In this article, we will show you how to create a calendar in a worksheet by using a macro. Except for storing and analyzing data in your Excel, you can also use it to finish other tasks. For example, you can collect information by using Excel, or you can note down your planning in the worksheet. Today we have found a new usage. You are able to create a calendar in a worksheet. You can see the effect in the image below. You can input some tasks into this...

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2 Methods to Find and Select Cells with the Same Format in Your Excel Worksheet

In your Excel worksheet, you will format cells that meet certain criteria. When you need to select cells, you will spend a lot of time. Here we will introduce two effective methods for you to find and select those cells. Sometimes you need to select cells with the same format and then finish some tasks. For example, you need to change the format or delete the format for those cells. However, in most cases, those cells will be separated in different places. Therefore, you will find it hard to...

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A Quick Overview of Edge Transport Servers in Exchange

In this article we take a closer look at edge transport servers in Ms Exchange and learn how they increase both availability and security of your email data. Edge Transport Server in MS Exchange helps reduce areas that are vulnerable to threats, meaning the attack surface. Edge Transport severs are able to do this by managing incoming mails. The agents which use Edge Transport Servers are often used for protection by providing additional layers of security. They are mainly used for...

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