What to Do If Outlook Crashes Whenever You Select a Specific Email?

This article will mainly probe into how to deal with the terrible Outlook crashes each time you select a specific email. If you’re suffering this problem, just follow the suggestions below.

If you meet this problem, deleting the suspected email may occur to your mind in the first place. However, when you try, the deletion will certainly fail. Therefore, in order to delete the harmful email, you should figure out the roots of the issue.

Figure out the True Reason of the Issue

Virtually this problem doesn’t lie in selecting the email, but in showing the message in Reading Pane. Thus as long as you pitch on it, the reading pane will try to access it. Then Outlook crashes immediately. Based on this cause, we ought to first disable the reading pane. Without reading pane, you can delete the email.

Turn off Reading Pane

Turn off the Reading Pane Tentatively in Safe Mode

As usual, Outlook startup folder is Inbox folder. Thus if the damaged email is the first one in Inbox, Outlook will crash the moment it start. In this case, you aren’t permitted to turn off the reading pane. Facing this scenario, you should start Outlook in safe mode at first and later take actions.

  1. For start with, close Outlook and go to “Start Menu”.
  2. Then in the search field, type “outlook.exe /safe” and press “Enter” to start Outlook in safe mode.Start Outlook in Safe Mode
  3. Under the safe mode, the reading pane has been disabled automatically. So what you should do next is to delete the suspicious email.

If it gets deleted successfully, you can restart Outlook normally. But if Outlook still suffer crash when you select the email, it is highly likely that your PST file is broken.

Run Scanpst.exe to Check the PST File for Errors

Under this circumstance, you can resort to Outlook inbox repair tool, Scanpst.exe, which is especially developed due to an array of Outlook errors. You can access to the location where Outlook is installed and type “Scanpst” in the search field. This tool will show up after a while. After running it, you can just follow the onscreen instructions to repair the PST file.

Run Scanpst.exe to Check the PST File for Errors

Wield an Avant-garde external Repair Tool

Nevertheless, if the PST corruption is highly beyond what Inbox repair tool can do, a veteran external tool will be your last resort. For example, DataNumen Outlook Repair is greatly suggested. It can scan and repair PST file regardless of any extent of corruption in PST file.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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