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How to Use the OFFSET Function in Your Excel Worksheet

Functions in Excel can help you solve many complex problems. And today we will introduce the usage of the OFFSET function in Excel worksheet. Among all the functions in Excel, the OFFSET function is a very useful one. This function also has a wide range of use in Excel. In this article, we will show you how to use this function in different conditions. The Usage of OFFSET Function The OFFSET function will return the cells reference according to a certain condition. Here we will use this...

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4 Causes and Solutions of Mail Delivery Issues in MS Exchange

If your Exchange server implementation is experiencing mail delivery issues, there can be several causes, which we explore in detail in this article. If the primary function of an application is not working in the desired manner and causing inconvenience to users, it can be a big setback for the organization. MS Exchange is a mailbox server, and if users are unable to send emails through their mailbox due to some mail delivery issue, a lot of time would be wasted for nothing. To avoid any...

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How to Always Send Outlook Emails in Plain Text Format for Specific Contacts

If someone can only receive emails in Plain Text, it will be troublesome for you to change the email format every time when sending emails to them. This article will teach you to make Outlook auto send emails in Plain Text to the specific contacts. As we all know, the emails in Plain Text doesn’t support pictures, text formatting, background and stationary. Therefore, if you send emails in HTML format to the recipients who can only receive emails in Plain Text, something wrong will occur....

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