How to Find the Outlook Emails Whose Bodies Contain the Specific Keywords

When searching a keyword by Outlook instant search, the emails whose subjects, attachments or bodies encompass the word will show up simultaneously. But if you only wish to seek for the emails whose message bodies contain the specific keywords, you can use the method introduced in this article.

Many users must have known how to search out specific words or phrases in a certain opened email. Nevertheless, if you would like to look for the emails whose message body contains the specific keywords or phrases without opening them, you could follow the detailed steps below.

Find the Emails Whose Bodies Contain the Specific Keywords

  1. To begin with, launch Outlook program and in navigation pane, select the source mail folder that you would like to search for.
  2. Then click in the search box to enable the “Search Tools” ribbon.
  3. Under “Search” tab, click on “Search Tools” button in the group of “Options”. From its drop down list, you need to select “Advanced Find” option.Advanced Find
  4. Next a new dialog box of “Advanced Find” will show up, in which you need to take the following steps to narrow the search scope.
  • At first, you should switch to “Advanced” tab.
  • And then in “Define more criteria” section, click “Field” button and from the popup list, choose “All Mail Fields” > “Message”.
  • After that, in “Condition” box, you should choose “contains”.
  • Next, in the “Value” field, you could input the searching keywords as per your needs.
  • Later click the “Add to List” button to enable this searching criterion.
  • Finally you could click “Find Now” button at the right side.Find the Outlook Emails Whose Bodies Contain the Specific Keywords
  1. Eventually all the emails that are compliant with the specific criteria will be listed out in the following part. Search Results

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