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How to Group or Ungroup Data in a Pivot Table in Your Excel Worksheet

Pivot table can help us manage large data and information. In this article, we will introduce how to group or ungroup data in a pivot table. There are many useful features in pivot table. And those features make the pivot table a very useful tool for data analysis. The image below shows the pivot table in a worksheet. The first column is the date of the range. By default, they will all be listed in the column A. But if you need to know the sales volume in a certain period, such as in a...

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5 Quick Tips to Keep in Mind when Upgrading MS Exchange

In this article we offer some handy tips to streamline the process you would follow for upgrading the Ms Exchange software. Updating MS Exchange is something you cannot escape, with the time these applications are bound to get older and outdated. Updating them is the best way out, it not only exposes you to what is latest but also brings forward the tools that can make operations faster and more efficient. Aging of technology is somewhat similar to aging of humans, as we get older with...

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How to Auto Accept Specific Meeting Invitations and Update the Meeting Reminder with Outlook VBA

Many people desire that Outlook can auto accept specific meeting invitations, like invitations from specific organizers. Some users also hope that Outlook is able to auto update the reminder as per their own habits. This article will tell how to quickly accomplish it with Outlook VBA. When you want to create a rule to auto accept specific meeting invitations, you’ll find that you can only set the conditions, such as meeting requests from specific people, but there is no action to accept...

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